About Mark

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Mark WilsonMark is a freelance technology journalist who has played with, endured and mastered more operating systems than he cares to remember. A childhood love of computing coupled with a love of writing led to a degree in Journalism and ultimately a career in a field he has worked in since 2000.

Starting off as a new media editor at Future, Mark helped produced covers discs for a number of popular UK computing magazines whilst writing features and reviews on a freelance basis. Writing soon took over from coding and software sourcing, and branching out into freelance work opened up the opportunity to work for a wider range of clients.

Mark’s early work was entirely paper-based, and he has a large portfolio of magazines that have published his reviews, features, guides and news. He continues to write for various UK magazines, focusing mainly on providing comprehensive guides and answering readers’ questions.

These days, he also writes news, how-to guide and reviews for a large number of websites. Comfortable writing for a variety of audiences — from absolute beginners to more seasoned users — Mark consistently provides easy-to-read, accessible, and entertaining copy.