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Name: Mark Wyciślik-Wilson
Date registered: 14th January 2015


Mark Wyciślik-Wilson is a software fiend and a fan of the new, shiny and intriguing. Never afraid to get his hands dirty with some full-scale geekery, he’s always trying out the latest apps, hacks and tweaks. He can be found on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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Kaspersky: Chinese hackers LuckyMouse hit national data center

Kaspersky Lab has published a report in which it reveals that a Chinese hacking group has attacked the national data center of an unnamed Central Asian country. The cyberattacks are said to have been carried out by a group known as LuckyMouse — but also goes by the names Iron Tiger, Threat Group-3390, EmissaryPanda and …

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Google’s latest diversity report shows little has changed at the company

Google has published the latest edition of its diversity report in which the company highlights the makeup of its workforce in the name of transparency. Despite Google’s seemingly endless claims that it wants to do more to improve diversity, the report shows that little has changed over the last year. Women still account for less …

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World Cup: access the hidden mini games in Facebook Messenger

The World Cup is now officially under way in Russia to the delight of sports fans around the globe. If you just can’t get enough football, Facebook Messenger can help to satiate you between matches with a series of mini games you can play with your friends. Games in Facebook Messenger have been with us …

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Google revamps Ad Settings and ‘Why this ad?’ so you can see and control how ads are personalized

Google has given its Ad Settings page an overhaul in the name of transparency. The page gives people the chance to not only see how Google uses the data it has gathered about them to personalize the ads they see, but also exercise a degree of control over these personalized ads. The page makes it …

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Apple is updating iOS to lock out police iPhone hacking tools

Apple says that it is planning to release an iOS update that will block a loophole used by police to access iPhones. Law enforcement agencies and hackers have been able to exploit a handset’s Lightning port to get around passcode limits and brute force their way into a phone. But with the upcoming update, Apple …

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CVE-2018-3665: Floating Point Lazy State Save/Restore vulnerability affects Intel chips

There has been something of a spate of chip vulnerability discoveries recently, and now another one has emerged. Known as Floating Point Lazy State Save/Restore, the security flaw (CVE-2018-3665) is found in Intel Core and Xeon processors and it is another speculative execution vulnerability in a similar vein to Spectre. The security flaw takes advantage …

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Privacy: Facebook advertisers must warn users if ads are targeted because of data they purchased

The fall out from the Cambridge Analytica scandal continues for Facebook, and the social media giant is busy trying to repair its somewhat tattered reputation. The latest measures see the company introducing new privacy safeguards to inform users if advertisers are using information supplied by so-called “data brokers”. These brokers are firms that gather data …

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Apple updates App Store rules to prevent devs gathering data from contacts

Apple has tweaked its App Store policies, closing a loophole that made it possible for developers to gather data from phone contacts and then sell or share that data without consent. Until very recently app developers have been able to ask for permission to access users’ address books and then use this permission to gather …

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Offline Google Translate to be boosted by AI

Google is improving the offline translation skills of Google Translate with an injection of AI in the form of neural machine translation (NMT). The use of on-device AI helps to dramatically improve the quality of offline translations, and works in much the same as online translations do. The use of neural machine translation helps to …

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Dixons Carphone suffers two major security breaches exposing customers’ bank card details and personal information

Another week, another cyberattack. This time around, it’s the Dixons Carphone group which says it has fallen victim to not one but two major breaches. The bank card details of 5.9 million customers have been accessed by hackers in the first breach. In the second, the personal records of 1.2 million people have been exposed. …

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