Online Work

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Over the years I have been fortunate enough to work for a huge number of titles, both in print and online. The decline in print means that many magazines have folded over the years, and it can be difficult to link to content. Online work, however, lives on forever. I’ve written for a large number of sites over the years, and rather than attempt to remember the correct chronology, I thought it made more sense to provide an alphabetical list. – part of the About network, I started the process of reviving a website that had been left untouched for some time.

AndroidPIT – covering everything Android-related, I continue to write news, reviews and guides here.

Android.AppStorm – sadly no long with us, the AppStorm network was a fun place to work. Over on the Android side of things, I wrote news, review and opinion pieces unti the site’s unfortunate demise.

BetaNews – one of my current homes, BetaNews is a fun and informative site where I write news, review, and opinion pieces.

BlogsDNA – lots of litle guides to online services and offline software.

Cloudswave - a cloud and SEO-oriented blog aimed at companies and indivudals who live online.

Downloadcrew – software reviews — you know what to expect.

How-To Geek – there’s a clue in the name here! A collection of slightly geekier, more hands-on guides to getting more from your computer and the software you use.

Huffington Post – a big name to be associated with, I occasionally blog for HuffPo about the world of technology.

iPad.AppStorm – I’m usually a Windows and Android user, but I’ve been known to dip my toes in other waters — iPad included.

Make Tech Easier – another outlet for guides to getting things done with Windows and online services.

Lifehacker (UK) – there’s a degree of crossover between the US and UK versions of Lifehacker and a lot of content migrates from the US ite to the UK one, but I’ve also written unique UK-specific content.

Lifehacker (US) – writing for the US version of Lifehacker was something of a break from the norm. There was, of course, the opportunity to write about computer and tech, but also productivity-enhancing life hacks, and interesting DIY projects.

Softwarecrew – in a similar vein to Downloadcrew, Softwarecrew is home to software reviews, although they tend to be slightly lengthier here.

TechRadar – software roundups and reviews written for the network owned by Future — where I started my journalism career!

Web.AppStorm – another member of the late AppStorm network, I wrote a series of reviews and guides about online tools and services.

WinBeta – news about and reviews of Microsoft and Microsoft-related products and services, plus occasional guides and opinion columns.

Windows.AppStorm – my first work for the AppStorm network included a large number of guides and how-tos about Windows and software for Windows.