The (re) birth of Mark Wilson Words

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The birth of Mark Wilson WordsIt has been a long time coming, but the time has come to finally make proper use of the mark-wilson.co.uk domain. Various incarnations of this site have existed over the years, but I’ve never put the time and effort into maintaining them. Well, now that changes. Things may well be in something of a state of flux for a while, but Mark Wilson Words is now up and running. Writing for other sites such as BetaNews and AndroidPIT, you might well wonder what the point of another site is, particularly when my other online work is linked to in the sidebar.

Really, it seems insane to be a tech writer and not have a website — this is as good a reason as any for setting this up. But it also gives me a chance to have an online identity seperate to the writing I get paid for. Here you will find links to articles I have written elsewhere (let’s not pretend there isn’t at least an element of shameless self-promotion here), but I’m also planning to use this as a platform for exploring ideas further.

The sites — and, indeed, magazines — I write for have specific audiences, and I write, to a large extent, for these audience. This is, after all, very much the point of writing. Writing is not merely an exercise in ridding myself of words that simply must be expelled from my body, rather it is a dialogue between my readers and I. Within the confines a tech blog, conversation has an understandably technological leaning to it. Nothing wrong with that in the slightest, but it’s nice to branch out into other things as well.

Comment threads about security, privacy, censorship and so on, can easily swing round into a political discussion of sorts, but one that is all too often constrained by the technological framework. Here I would like to try to break out of these barriers slightly. That’s not to say there won’t be a heavily tech presence, but there’s also scope for music,food, politics, rants and rambles.

Of course, this is writing that I am not being paid for. Just how frequently Mark Wilson Words is updated remains to be seen. I’m viewing this as something ofa delayed New Year’s resolution. I’m a couple of weeks late, but the plan is to keep pumping out content on a frequent — if not necessarily regular — basis. Where it leads, no one knows. It may explode into something truly fantastic, but at the very least it will act as a repository for my other online work. The index of Mark Wilson, if you will. But hopefully there will also be plenty of appendices, amusing asides, and interesting wrong turns as well. I’m looking forward to the journey.

Oh… and apologies in advance if the layout keeps changing, ads move around and so on — it’s just me trying things out. The site needs to be broken in like a pair of slippers, and that may take a little while…

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